The Wounded (eBook)


Are You My Daughter is a revelation of who we are as daughters of the King. Many times, we fall short of the glory and seem to fall to the ground. Angela shares her own struggles and failures as a daughter but shares how God always shows up and allows His grace to be more than the failures.


In “The Wounded, Angela Deese tells us how to forgive and acknowledge the transgressions that can leave us wounded by others. She is a master storyteller that gives us good examples of the times, things, people, and places that can wound our spirits.

The Wounded is an interactive book that will allow you to write your own story of woundedness and be free from the bondage that has controlled the heart and mind of those that are called into the Kingdom of God.

Throughout the book Angela shares scriptures that will encourage your walk with Christ. Angela would love everyone to be healed from the circumstances that often leave us wounded and heartbroken.

She is transparent in her writing and shares her own personal testimonies of how she was wounded by other people’s alcoholism. How can one be free from the scars that run so deeply? How do we not allow the wound to become infected and seep into our heart and minds? Angela tells of her personal victory over the wounded spirit that she carried.

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