The Refining Fire

The Refining Fire

Have you ever wondered why God represents and reveals Himself as an all-consuming fire?

Fire plays a significant role in our development as a civilization. Using fire allows us to create, alter, and even obliterate things. It just makes sense for God to reveal Himself as such because God creates and He can also destroy.

The pattern may be seen in God’s portrayal of His affections toward us. With His zeal, He will either cleanse or destroy like a consuming fire. He is either passionately in favor of something or vehemently opposed to it. He is only for those who are with Him, and He is devoted to them to the nth degree. But He is just as angry with immorality and disloyalty as He is with those who love Him and seek Him earnestly. His demeanor isn’t cool in any way, shape, or form, but rather scorching. He expects us to respond in kind.

God has given us free will. We have the freedom to either get on God’s good side where we can enjoy His purifying fire or be on His bad side where we are led to nowhere but destruction. So, your choice, be refined in God’s Holy Fire, or suffer a different fire in hell?

One of Jesus’s purposes on Earth is to cast God’s fire. “I come to bring fire,” the Lord said (Luke 12:49). What exactly does this imply? He isn’t referring to natural fire. The Bible must always be interpreted in its spiritual context. Therefore, the Lord is discussing His Fire. To choose the refining fire of God, we must follow the one casting it. God loves us so much that He sees our potential rather than seeing us as impure things. He is the refiner, and we are the lump of raw gold, full of impurities and potential beauty.

We choose—to remain as lumps of impure gold or to be refined and reach the pinnacle of our potential.


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Angela Deese

Angela Deese is a Christian author that will inspire you in your own walk with Jesus Christ. She has an honest approach and is fully transparent in her writing. She believes that if you fully expose the lies of Satan that you will gain the freedom in your own walk with Christ.

She will captivate you with the stories that you can relate to personally in your own life. She brings her real life into the stories that bring faith and truth to the reader.

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