The Still Small Voice in the Dark

The Still Small Voice in the Dark

Perception happens when the brain interprets messages from our sensory organs, and various regions of the brain respond to distinct sensory information. The visual cortex processes visual information, whereas the auditory cortex processes sound information. When a sense, such as vision, is lost, the brain performs an amazing feat: it reorganizes the activities of certain brain regions. The visual cortex in blind people, without visual input, begins to adapt and rewire to become more responsive to information from the remaining senses. 

Sometimes, in our walk with Christ, we see ourselves drawn towards the light of the world. It could be our careers, worldly possessions, our family, and even our ministries. Although these things are essential, they can never come close to how important our intimacy with God is. Intimacy with God means isolating yourself with Him, talking to Him, and hearing His voice. However, the things we hold dear cause us to fail in listening to and recognizing God’s voice. For this reason, God allows darkness to creep in. He leads us to a place where our spiritual hearing can adapt and develop. Our walk with God is not by sight or any other physical sense, but He allows our spirits to perceive His still, small voice. Unfortunately, oftentimes we only heed this voice when we are in the darkness. We are only sensitive to it when we are hopeless, and it’s the only thing that can guide us out of the dark. 

Still, God’s grace is constant and always sufficient. If we call on Him, He will shine His light so we can find our way back to Him. 

If you find yourself stuck in the darkness, you just need to allow God to speak to it. Listen so that you may find His light and let it guide you home. Always listen to the instructions of the still, small voice. Allow God to sometimes disable your vision momentarily so your spirit can develop its ears in the darkness.


AVAILABLE IN eBook, Paperback and Hardcover

Angela Deese

Angela Deese is a Christian author that will inspire you in your own walk with Jesus Christ. She has an honest approach and is fully transparent in her writing. She believes that if you fully expose the lies of Satan that you will gain the freedom in your own walk with Christ.

She will captivate you with the stories that you can relate to personally in your own life. She brings her real life into the stories that bring faith and truth to the reader.

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